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Danny, 7

"I wish to go to my favorite Florida theme parks."


Danny considers himself a “Broken Superhero” and does what any superhero does – he fights the bad guys. Born with three heart defects and a list of medical issues that has grown as he ages, Danny continues to fight medical problems that have plagued him since birth.

By the age of seven, Danny had three heart surgeries, one back surgery, two hernia repairs and regular infusions to combat a low immune system. Laughter has been the best remedy for his family in dealing with the long, difficult hospital stays. Danny’s main source of laughter is animated television characters. When he learned he was eligible to receive a wish, he was ecstatic. Danny’s wish is to go to the Florida theme parks to meet his favorite characters who have helped him endure his journey.

Danny’s doctors use his wish to motivate and encourage him. Once he arrives in Orlando, Danny’s good eating habits and hard work from physical therapy will give him the strength to stand up and hug his favorite characters. Your donation will make Danny’s dream become a reality.



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