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Leon, 13

"I wish to go to Hawaii."


As a boy, Leon loved playing soccer with his friends, but life changed just before his eleventh birthday when a lump on his neck was found. Doctors discovered six golf ball sized tumors in his neck and a month after his birthday, he was diagnosed with cancer. Surgery was performed removing the lumps and shortly after his twelfth birthday, Leon was in remission.

The excitement of being in remission did not last long as Leon’s cancer returned, and chemotherapy was needed. A summer playing outside with friends was lost and attending school in the fall was not a possibility.

After learning he qualified for a wish, Leon instantly knew where he wanted to go – to a place where fears of cancer are replaced with walks on beautiful sandy beaches and snorkeling in crystal blue water. Leon’s wish is to go to Hawaii, to swim with dolphins and watch whales that motivated him through the pain and grueling tests of hospital stays. Your donation gives Leon something incredibly positive to look forward to in the future.



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