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Matthew, 13

"I wish to go to Washington, D.C."


Matthew was a healthy little boy until he developed a kidney stone at the age of three. A second kidney stone at the age of five led to a series of tests which resulted in a diagnosis of end stage kidney disease, a rare genetic disorder that affects the kidneys. The disease has also affected his liver.

As a 12-year old, Matthew’s kidney function was so low it raised concern among his doctors.  Since his disorder is rare, he was airlifted to another hospital to see a kidney specialist. Once at the hospital, he never left. Matthew’s daily treatment regimen consisted of a five-hour dialysis.  Besides the difficulty of daily treatments, the process has been difficult on Matthew’s family both emotionally and physically.  Due to the distance between home and the hospital, the family is seldom together as one.

Matthew’s favorite subject in school is history.  He is fascinated with U.S. Presidents—Abraham Lincoln being his favorite.  For his wish, he wants to go to the epicenter of presidential history, Washington, D.C., and add to his knowledge of history. We are happy to report that in January, 2018, Matthew received his liver and kidney transplant. Your donation helps fund a trip for Matthew and his family to spend much-needed quality time together.



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